Know The Source, Know What You Drink

Dolomia Water

The perfect clarity and elegance of Dolomia Exclusive on the table, together with the purity and delicacyof the mineral water inside, make it unique and unmistakable, a real added value to increase enjoyment of the food that accompany it. Dolomia, the origin of the purity: the water filtration and the continious flowing into an ancient hydrogeological basin.


The Dolomia Water Elegant range was designed to offer multiple benefits not only to the and hospitality sectors Perfect also for on-the go consumption and for those looking for high quality water in stylish packaging, The Dolomia Elegant is an expression of Italian quality and beauty. So trendy, so elegant!


 The excellence of Dolomia water was awarded Three Golden Stars at the Superior Taste Award by the International Taste & Quality Institute, based in Brussels.