Dolomia water

that's full of life.

Dolomia water is born in the high perenial snows, filtered through the mountains and flows into an ancient hydrogeological basin.


Know the source, know what you drink

Dry Residue (TDS) 114mg/l

Dolomia water is among the lightest low-mineral content waters available.

Dissolved Oxygen (O2) 10.5mg/l

Dolomia water: The highest value in the mineral water market.

Calcium (Ca++ 27.4mg/l) / Magnesium (Mg++ 14.7mg/l) / Bicarbonate (HCO3 - 157mg/l)

Dolomia water: Rich in good minerals.

Arsenic (As < 0.001 mg/l)

Dolomia water, exceptional Purity.

Nitrates (N)3-2mg/l)

Dolomia, the water for children.

pH 8.1

Dolomia water is one of those rare naturally alkaline waters.

Sodium (Na+ 0.2mg/l (0.00002%))

Dolomia the water with the lowest sodium content.

About us

From Dolomites to your table

From the lap of mother nature, filtered through the rocks of Eastern Dolomites,
leaving behind the minerals, flowing between the flora,
naturally filtered and full of life - DOLOMIA.

Carefully bottled just enough water for you.

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